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The Defense of Percy
Written by: LJ User: SarMajere

I sobbed through the first time I looked at the Percy bits. Just sobbed. Percy has always been special to me in a lot of ways, probably the most being that we are somewhat allike. He is also one of my favorite characters, the other being Sirius. That said, I feel the need to somehow justify what happened to him in OOTP.

Note that when everyone is talking about Percy receieving the promotion, that the Weasley family immediatly assumed he couldn't have gotten the job on his own, that Fudge must want to spy on them and the Order. I'm willing to bet that no one even congratulated Percy on his new posistion, never once said that they were happy for him, etc, just decided that of COURSE they were being spied on and OF COURSE Percy would give them away.

To my mind, this is where Percy's decision to leave home becomes truly important. Imagine if you will, being in Percy's posistion. Imagine receiving a promotion of some sort, being excited, and coming home to tell your family, who immediatly jumps to the conclusion that 1. You did nothing to earn it, and 2. That you would willingly betray them given the chance. How would that make you feel?

If you were an ordinary person, pretty bad right? But this is not all Percy has had to deal with in his life. For instance, there are Fred and George. Amusing as they are in the books, imagine if you had to live with them. Imagine if you had to put up with half of what Percy puts up with from them. For instance, "BigHeadboy," And of course the classic: "We tried to shut him up in a pyramid but Mum made us let him out." Also consider the fact that Molly is the only one who doesn't laugh at Percy. The rest of your family treating you as if you were some joke, and putting up with it for most of your life, has got to make you pretty darn insecure right?

Add this to the scenario listed above, where no one believes you can do anything on your own, where in essence no one believes that you are capable of it, and then believes that you will betray them to the Ministry on a moment's notice...

Well, there we have Percy's decision. From my point of view at least. Admittedly he behaved badly in OOTP, but there were reasons behind it my friends. Very real, very valid psychological reasons. Percy seems to have been hurt so much in his lifetime that this came as the final blow.

So, in order not to be hurt any longer, Percy chooses to step away. This does give me some concern about his future. The Percy I see is so emotionally needy, so lonely, so lost, and so looking for acceptance, that I fear him seeking it with the dark lord. It would be his vulnerability that would make him an ideal target. The chance to belong, offered to him at last... Yes, I fear for him...

But I have hope in the fact that Percy was placed in Gryffindor House. After all, he seems a closet Slytherin does he not? But the hat, or was it perhaps Percy's own decision, placed him in Gryffindor. Daring, Nerve, and *CHIVALRY* Somehow I think, that in spite of my fears, he's going to be okay.

So, all in all, I think that Percy will be fine. I even almost feel sorry for the dork!

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