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This is an as-is archive of circa August 2003. - Junior Assistant today, Minister tomorrow!

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10 Jul: Man, summer is definitely going by fast! Let's see... so far today, we've put up a new counter, changed the poll a bit, and changed the navigation! Look for the following new sections in the future: We will soon add a site search script so you can view with more ease! Also, we are about to add the staff page!

09 Jul: Banner image changed...again! Still trying to make it load faster!

09 Jul: We've just now fixed our Fronskie Feint Top 100 code, that's why our rating is so low. Visit our site often and watch our rating rise! :)

09 Jul: Lookie! We now have a Poll! So, go vote!

09 Jul: Version 3.3 has been added to Google search engines! Congrats PW!

08 Jul: has a new co-webmaster! Learn about him and the webmaster in the upcomming section "staff!"

07 Jul: Transition to .php files is now complete. Watch out for some bugs! Thanks, again Andrew!

30 Jun: Woo! Big thanks to Andrew Sprout for helping me out with the website layout. Thanks to him, I can now update the site much easier! Thanks again, Andrew!

30 Jun: I'm going to be moving a few things around on this site, so there will be a few broken links as we go. Please bear with us!

25 Jun: WOW! HPANA featured us on their website, and's counter went berserk! Thanks, HPANA!

23 Jun: I've now finished Phoenix! And, well, with this newfound information, look for wholesale updates around the site very soon!

20 Jun: Phoenix comes out in a few hours!!!! Oh, my good buddy Vik finally has convinced me to ditch the frames and go with tables, so....I am! I will be moving the site all day today, so please don't mind the clutter.

20 Jun: Added a new affiliate, The HP5 Center!

18 Jun: now links to!!!! Check out the spike in the hits! We've gone from 30 hits per day to 100 hits per day! WOOHOO!!

12 Jun: Re-installed the voting. Please vote for us!

08 Jun: Added 30 Percy Movie images from Chamber of Secrets! Check them out in "MOVIE STILLS".

28 May: Added Percy Quotes for PS, COS, POA.

28 May: Shrunk left menu.

26 May: Liked to my blog at Livejournal.

26 May: Finished "LINKS" section, added two buttons.

24 May: Added 25 Harry Potter AIM icons!

23 May: ReNovated the AIM icons section and added 30 new icons!

22 May: Reinstalled the counter. We're nearing 5000 hits!

21 May: Added the 800x600 feature for my 800x600 viewers.

19 May: Scrapped the regular frames, added new iFrames! v3.1 was born.

15 May: Installed the Guestmap.

6 May: Finished layout. Nearly ready for re-launch.

6 May: Transferred more pages from Geocities to main server.

5 May: Started on v3.0

26 Jan: Added "POSERS" feature.

26 Jan: Introduced "RANKIN" feature.

25 Jan: Made the menu buttons smaller.

17 Jan: Added HP5 counter.

17 Jan: Uploaded most of late August in Percy's Journal.

15 Jan: 2500 hits!

26 Dec: Created a second button for Percy's Potter Page.

26 Dec: Added more pics to the Movie Stills Page. Miscellaneous 2 created.

25 Dec: 2000th website hit for the front page.

23 Dec: Added Eloria's new doll.

15 Dec: became functional.

15 Dec: Created a new banner for Percy's Potter Page.

15 Dec: Added Penelope Clearwater drawing by Liz Landez.

15 Dec: Cleaned up a bit of the home page. Dropped a few quizzes.

15 Dec: Added more quotes to all four book pages.

14 Dec: Tinkered with the website, Percy's Potter Page v2.1 was born.

14 Dec: Percy's Potter Page added to

09 Dec: accepted Percy's Potter Page. MSN Search and LookSmart have added PPP onto their database.

07 Dec: Placed the Leaky Cauldron's ad onto the home page.

05 Dec: Bought the domain name from

04 Dec: was created.

28 Nov: Added the Miscellaneous Pictures to the Movie Stills Page.

28 Nov: Added Eloria's doll.

27 Nov: Started and finished the Bertie Botts Beans page.

27 Nov: Tagged my Percy movie stills pic.

27 Nov: Removed the Richard Harris memoriam from the home page.

27 Nov: Added the Quidditch Pictures to the Movie Stills Page.

26 Nov: Put up two more AIM icons.

26 Nov: Started and finished the Sorting Hat song, Sorting Hat, and the house pages.

25 Nov: 1000th website hit for the front page.

23 Nov: Started on the AIM Icons page. Put up three AIM icons.

22 Nov: Reverted to a new Site Tracker.

22 Nov: Created "Cyberspell".

16 Nov: Menu moved from the left to the top.

15 Nov: Percy's Potter Page v2.0 was born.

09 Nov: Moved the guestbook to

08 Nov: Placed RealTracker onto front page.

07 Nov: Received The Golden Web Award.

05 Nov: Christopher William Rankin signed my guestbook!

05 Nov: Joined Percy Weasley fanlisting.

05 Nov: Joined Hogwarts Express (Now Veritaserum).

02 Nov: Percy's Potter Page indexed by Google.

31 Oct: Submitted Percy's Potter Page to sixteen search engines via

29 Oct: Yahoo accepted Percy's Potter Page onto their database.

26 Oct: Placed a Richard Harris memoriam onto the home page.

24 Oct: Joined's Webmaster Community.

24 Oct: Percy's Potter Page listed onto

16 Oct: "MEET PERCY" page started and completed.

16 Oct: Quotes page started. All quotes from four books started and finished.

04 Oct: Created "Conversation with Percy".

02 Oct: Created "Test Your Reflexes".

28 Sep: Finished the Fred and George quiz.

26 Sep: Started "Percy's Journal".

17 Sep: Started the Fred and George quiz.

24 AUG: Unofficial beginning of Percy's Potter Page.

24 AUG: Created "Gringotts Calculator".

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