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Hello everyone, and welcome to the section entitled "Amy's Rupert Report!" One of our very own staff members, Amy, has had the priviledge to come close to the set and have contact with Rupert Grint, who plays Ronald Weasley in the Harry Potter movies.

If you happen to have had such a come by with a Harry Potter cast member, or know of somebody who has, then please tip us off at Thank you.

And so, without further adieu,
Amy's Rupert Report:

Well, after a long time in traffic, and me nearly having a heart attack because I thought they would be gone, we made it to Virginia Water, Surrey. It's a lovely place - perfect for the Harry Potter films.

The second I walked up to the fence covered in a horrible green gauze mesh (presumably to stop the photographing everyone wanted to do) I could see a whole range of cast members. Rupert Grint (. you just wait), Devon Murray (Seamus Finnegan), Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom), Alfie Enoch (Dean Thomas), Joshua Herdman (Gregory Goyle), Jamie Waylett (Vincent Crabbe), Emma Watson, Tom Felton and Robbie Coltrane. Daniel Radcliffe seemed to spend the entire day hiding, as did Tom and Emma, which disappointed a lot of young fans.

They were filming the hippogriff scene again today, with regular breaks, in which I viewed (several times -well, I was there all afternoon, you know!) the kids running away from what must have been the hippogriff stand-in of a big mechanical thingy, and then carefully approaching it again after about minute. The filming of this seemed to take all day, although I was told that that morning, David Thewlis had been on set and had been filming round the corner with Radcliffe at a different set.

I caught the tail end of some signing, and then pretty soon after, the security people started to insist there would be no more signings today because it had gotten dangerous before and they were trying to keep all of us safe. Fair enough. but I hadn't sat in a 30 minute traffic jam to go straight back home again. After walking up and down a couple of times, I went back to where I was standing before. They did not move me, seeing as I was on my own, my mum was sitting in the shade of a tree nearby, and so we were both happy. I had such a good view, and the kids quickly came onto their breaks. They have all matured so much -Matthew Lewis hardly looks like little Neville anymore, he's so tall! Devon Murray was lounging around doing what looked like fanning himself, and Joshua Herdman looks completely adorable when you ignore who he's playing!

Other interesting tidbits of information I found is that Daniel Radcliffe can do fake burps, and from the looks of it, they have changed the school ties. Though THE UNIFORMS WERE STILL THERE.

Clasped in my hand I had my autograph book, and a bag of strawberries. For anyone who does not know this tale..go here:, I'm too knackered now. I was determined Rupert was going to get his fruit. I asked a nearby helper something, and our conversation went a little something like this:

Me: "Hey, I know they can't talk to us, but can we
give them things? Is that possible?"
Him: "Yeah, I'd say that's more than possible."
Me: "Would you give Rupert something for me, if I
wrote a note to go with it?"
Him: "Sure!" (He looked slightly scared.)

I was squealing by this point, scribbling my note:

To Rupert,
I don't know if you'll remember this, it was a long time ago, but I was meant to throw some strawberries at you at the Philosopher's Stone premiere. Here they are, unthrown.

All my Love,
Amy (bam-bam)
P.S: Sorry they are slightly mushed!

So the man disappeared off to where Rupert was lurking behind a tree, and I saw him give him the bag. My heart was going so fast. Rupert opened the bag, looked in, grinned, and then read my note. He talked to the helper, and was obviously asking who had given them to him. He looked right at me. I waved and he grinned, giving me the thumbs up; and then I worked up the nerve to blow him a kiss and he winked back! He was smiling at me so much! Then he proceeded to show most of his friends in the cast the note (major embarrassment, people) and everyone was trying to nick his strawberries.

Then someone tipped me off that if you asked a certain person nicely, they would get you Rupert's autograph. And they did!!!! They came back, grinning, and said, "He says he remembers you!" By this point, I was up on cloud nine! I haven't come down yet.

Later, he was being interviewed by a tree, and I was a stones throw away from him, I could have ran forward and touched him, but I wasn't allowed to take pictures of him (boo to you, Mr Warner Bros!). He was so friendly to everyone, trying to stop and give autographs. He was very sweet.

By that point, it was getting late, and a lovely security guard decided to take pity on me, saying that the next time Rupert was over that way, he would ask him to come and talk to me, seeing as I had been there so long. Pity they finished shooting, and the next time I saw Rupert was behind tinted windows leaving the main car park! I could have got a hug! But, never mind. I got enough to be going on with!

To see the autograph Amy got, click here. Note, it takes a while to load.

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